Ryan Gibbs


“I believe the best wines are made from balanced vines which are allowed to express themselves in their growth. My viticultural philosophies are based around minimal intervention, where interference with the vines natural growth only happens if absolutely necessary. I believe this is the only way to maximise the flavours we are trying to capture in the bottle.”

Ryan was born in the south-west of WA, so it’s fair to say agriculture was in his blood from the start. As a descendent of the pioneering Gibbs family of Ferguson Valley, Ryan grew up with a close affinity to the land. As the fifth generation on the farm, Ryan carries knowledge and experience in farming gathered over the last 140 years. Holiday and weekend jobs as a teenager always included dairy farming, beef farming and vineyard establishment.

After completing school in Bunbury in 1998, a career in agriculture beckoned. Ryan’s father had the vision to diversify his agricultural production and established a vineyard at Ferguson. This was the main influence for Ryan to study a Bachelor of Science (Viticulture and Oenology) at Curtin university from 1999-2001.

Ryan completed winemaking vintages at Upper Reach Winery in the Swan Valley in 2001, and at Houghton Wines in Nannup 2002 and 2003.

The lure of the vineyard called again and Ryan took a job as Viticulturist/Vineyard Manager for Geographe Viticultural Consultants in 2003 working across all WA wine regions. The diversity of vineyards and experience as part of this role was crucial in providing a solid knowledge base for the future.

In 2009 Ryan became the Principal/owner of Geographe Viticultural Consultants and continues to provide Viticultural management and consulting advice to wine companies across WA.

Ryan held a small consulting role with Driftwood since 2009 but was asked to take the helm in the vineyard in late 2013.

Ryan has a wife and three small children.