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What’s new in the Cellar Door:  We are now open daily over the Spring, Summer and Autumn!  Our team consisting of Leonie, John, Natalie, Susan and Michelle welcome you into the cellar door experience of tasting award winning wines as well as olive oil made from olives grown on the Estate.  Enjoy views of undulating vines in summer and cosy log fires in winter, visit out amphitheatre, browse our beautiful art gallery or purchase some of our quality merchandise.




Wine Club Members Are Invited To Our 30th Anniversary Celebration!  To commemorate this milestone year, we are opening up the winery with an exclusive free event to give members a unique Driftwood experience. Coinciding with the Gourmet Escape, this is a memorable and individual opportunity. Places are limited and bookings are essential.


  • Winery Tour hosted by Owner Tom Galopoulos and/or Winemaker Kane Grove
  • Private Tasting in the Driftwood Winery
  • Hand selected museum stock personally chosen by Kane available for tasting and purchase
  • Vineyard Tour (weather permitting)


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What’s happening in the Vineyard:  Golden hues of hibernation!  

June:  The vines are enjoying their R&R, becoming dormant and building up their strength for the next growth cycle.  Bud dissection may be conducted where samples of cut buds are analysed for next year’s potential yields from various different sections across the vineyard to determine what pruning style should be used.  Weed control is kept on top of and general housekeeping is maintained.  Canopy wires are dropped, general maintenance of all vineyard equipment occurs.

July:  The vines are either spur or cane pruned by hand, leaving a predetermined number of buds on each shoot on the vine to control yield for the next vintage.  Grape vines essentially grow like weeds even though they produce a super premium product, by controlling growth we can maximise quality and flavour even though it means far lower yields than possible.


August:  Pruning is being finished with Chardonnay pruned last at the end of August, to prolong the onset of bud burst.  The vines are looking the neatest they’ve been all year!  If there are any nutrient deficiencies, the soil is aerated and fertilisers applied and mulches for weed control.


What’s happening in the Winery: 

June:  Winemaker Kane Grove had a busy time with the bottling our Sauvignon Blanc and our Rose to maintain freshness.  Our Chardonnay is still in barrel on lees being stirred fortnightly with monthly analysis.  Most 2019 reds are malic dry and awaiting barrel allocation following careful selection of 2018 reds to come out of oak to form The Collection blends.  The Artifacts range will stay in oak for another 4 months.  Some 2019 batches will be allocated to tank with French oak staves to mature.

July:  Our Chardonnay is still in barrel undergoing regular lees stirring every three weeks (depending on creamy texture) and analysing.  Bottling preparation for the 2019 The Collection SSB and the Artifacts SBS will be carried out with the wines blended from oak and tank, stabilised and filtered.  The first 2019 reds to barrel will be coming up for their first rack and return with tier allocation and analysis.  The wine is tasted first before each racking to evaluate the effects of different oak to reinforce that we have the correct barrels for the desired taste outcome.

August:  Everything quietens down with no bottling activity.  Quality control in all wines and cleaning the winery to maintain hygiene and microbial stability is priority, plus to keep the winery looking great!




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